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She is a magical girl with the power of the big red ball. She's a little bit kooky, but because of her magical red balls our hero's is be able to find his abducted friend. Flower is also the keeper of the place that is "Sugar Valley", a magic place in the forest. The scenery changes at will with her thoughts. In book 2 she goes on the quest with Hedgehog Boy and Chip where she is confronted with her arch enemy Donna Downer. She royally kicks Donna’s ass.

Flower Frankenstein / Flower Diamond

A run away abused child who although good at heart, suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. As a result has a mild case of sktizophrenia. His friend, Frank the bear is always by his side, even if no one else can see him. Our hero suffers from extreme fits of outrage in never ending battle in defiance against an unjust and backwards world. Prickly he may be but he just wants to be liked ... and to find a place in the world.

Frank the Bear

Not your average teddy bear, this is one teddy you do not cross...frank’s a sassy wise cracking, tell it like it is mess. Frank too escaped from a bad home, having to run for his life after being hurt by an unruly child. Hedgehog Boy helps sew Frank up in the forest and in return he now guides Hedgehog Boy and helps him to do what is morally right. Think of him as his conscious. He always speaks frankly, that's why he's called Frank. The verdict is still yet in on whether or not he is real or just a figment of Hedgehog Boy's Shattered mind. Frank currently likes to time travel and write himself into history.



Chip is the mail man in the land called "Sugar Valley" within the realm of the forest. He offers to help Hedgehog Boy find where his friend is being held captive. He becomes Hedgehog Boy's friend as they journey through the forest to try and find Kitty. Chip has asthma and his tail is too big, but he can climb trees real good.



He's a mindless dumb bruit and Possums side kick, Not really smart enough to do much harm on his own, but he always jumps at Possums commands, and is dangerous in the hands of someone like Possum. He also sucks at puzzles.


Raccoon Boy

Hedgehog Boy's arch enemy. He hates hedgehog Boy “more than he hates snow peas.” Deep down Possum is just jealous of Hedgehog Boy’s spikes. He's also jealous of Kitty and Hedgehog Boys relationship, Although he would never admit that. A truly vile creature, he is the mastermind behind a plot to hold stuffed animals hostage from children for ransom. Because Possum can not read or write he kidnaps Kitty and keeps him to write the ransom letters for him. Possum is mirror opposite of Hedgehog Boy.


Donna Downer

She Sucks and is no fun at all. She can’t help but make everyone around her miserable. I’m Happy to report that Flower Diamond royally kicks Donna’s ass in my book. Cat fight !




Jimmy The Snake

He’s not really evil, but he is sometime self absorbed, selfish and eager to please anyone he thinks might serve his needs, so he’s a perfect minion for Possum. Jimmy lives in a old U-HAUL crate in the forest. He keeps his heart locked in a computer hard drive. He’d probably end up one of the good guys if he can just get his heart out of the hard drive, but that would be a whole other comic book down the line though, so for this book he’s a bad guy.


Mrs. Vera

A magical goddess from the realm of sugar valley. Mrs. Vera is very powerful and wise. In out story she is the one who makes sense of the madness in a language all can understand. She also gives JImmy the sake a scare that will last the rest of his life.