René Capone
Birds, Boys & Monsters"

1997 - 2017 : 20th Anniversary of being a working living & thriving artist

DRawing Conclusions on The Figure

20 years ago, Rene Capone began his career as an artist creating dreamlike, sensual, erotic images of young men in search of love, identity, and their place in the world. His paintings & drawings are highly prized by art aficionados, and they now hang on the walls of private and corporate collectors around the world.  

His works have been compiled in the books Any Given Moment and A Boy Named, both of which are available on Amazon.
He took a four-year absence from creating fine art to dig deep within his psyche and painful childhood to create a series of paintings that inspired his graphic novel The Legend of Hedgehog Boy. The novel struck a deep chord within many readers, and it transformed the artist as well

Capone emerged from the experience with a renewed artistic vision and sense of purpose. The Advocate met with Rene Capone in his California studio to explore his artistic past, present, and future.



I continue to go back through time and pick out my favorite pieces to post up on my Fine Art America print site. On this site are images dating back from 1997 all the way up to the present time.  It's a time capsule of my adventures in being an artist. Each piece posted has a story and reason for existing.   I'm honored that the images I carefully crafted traveled the world over and have been seen by so many. Being an artist has always the most important thing in my life. The characters I create are part of me but sometimes I think I draw them so I never truly have to become any of them.    

2016 - 2017

"Zebra BOy Rests Upon HIs Book"

watercolor and ink on hot press Arches paper, 14" x20" 


watercolor and mixed media, 14"x20"

Where You Can Find Me IN CHERRYLAND CA